Smartcollar Deluxe

How does the Smartcollar Deluxe work?

Profile Creation

The owner can publish the pictures of the pet on a dedicated website. On this web page the following information abou the pet can be inserted: age, sex, food preferences, fears, specific characteristics, vaccination and vet infos and last but not leats - owner's contact data.

At any time pet's owner can update or redesign pet's website


Has your pet gone missing??


This is the remedy!

Smartcollar is an ID Tag that can be attached to the pet's collar. The special feature of this ID tag is the integrated NFC chip that contains a link to the dedicated website of the pet.



The persont that has founf the lost animal can scan the ID tag using smartphone or tablet. No additional app is needed. He/she will be redirected to the dedicated website that contains all the information regarding found pet.
In addition the finder can share his GPS position with the owner.


Finally back together!

The owner can be easily contacted by a person that found the animal. The pet can be quickly brought back to it's owner.

To speed up the search for "lost friend" the owner can share the animal's profile on various social media.



Environment fiendly! 


Does not emit radiation and therefore is not harmful to the health of your pet.


Can be scanned with all the last generation smartphones (iPhone starting from iPhone7)


Very simple website setup


Does not need neither batteries nor apps, expect iPhone, where an APP is required


No additional costs


Smartcollar Deluxe can be personalized only on the front side. On the back side of the tag the link to the website will be engraved so that also persons having older generation smartphones would be able to open it. The website can be fully customized by the owner.

A web site for your pet

 Create your pet's website and fill it with the info about your animal.
Let people know what's his name, his food preferences, fears, health data and most importantly your contact
information in case somebody would find your pet.

This website can be updated by you at any time and can be viewed by all devices such as Smartphones,
Tablets and Computers
with Internet Connection.

Did your lovely pet got lost? Share this page on your social media now to alarm your neighbourhood.

This is how your pet's website might look on your smartphone.